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Real Estate Investors

Most contractors can perform the work needed on a house flip, but few actually know the business side of house flipping and pay attention to important details and strategies that are required for a successful and profitable flip. We have house flipping experience and, through our investor programs, we coordinate closely with investors. We provide guidance to those who are new to real estate investing and confidence in remodeling and repair decisions. For experienced Investors, we will at least have the same mindset and goals as you. We speak the same langauge. Just call and ask to schedule an appointment, and we will discuss the different programs we offer in this field.
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One of the owners of Treadinfotech Contractor has personally flipped multiple properties in the North Texas area, from a simple single family home flip to multi-family unit investments and raw land development type of flips. He has the real world experience to help you have less headaches, less worry, and higher overall profits. On his very first flip in 2009, after an initial $35,000 total investment, he turned a profit of $35,000, doubling his money on the investment. The house was repaired and sold in only 2 weeks. He has made similar profits on every flip since.
We offer a wide variety of services to assist investors in successfully flipping properties for an actual profit, from basic repair/remodeling estimates that fit a flip budget to full service investor programs that eliminate your workload and allow you to flip more properties simultaneously and build or maintain an empire through volume sales. The big investors became big by delegating duties to others, freeing themselves up to be the investor instead of the general contractor, the designer, the prospector, and the investor. Whether you have already built your real estate empire or are just starting out, Trinity can help you maximize and grow. Contact us today!
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