E-waste ZService

Ocean Star Metals has provided end-of-life electronic management solutions to businesses locally and nationwide since 2010. We set the standard for customer service and provide peace of mind that your electronics will be responsibly, securely and safely recycled. We guarantee your equipment will not be land-filled and all data will be permanently destroyed. FREE Pick-upservice on large quantity of e-waste within 20 minutes of Dallas.

-Computer Equipment Personal Computers Laptops Servers, Server racks & Peripherals Keyboards, Mice & Speakers Switches & Routers Cords & Cables Hard drives Memory chips Projectors Hubs Tape drives UPS batteries Power supplies

Consumer Electronics Small kitchen appliances (Microwaves/Toasters/Blenders without the glass/Mixer) PDAs Game consoles & Controllers Cell phones Telephones Cell phone/Laptop/Rechargeable Batteries DVD/CD/VCR players